Place of Residence
Early 20s
167 cm
Bra size / Natural
75B / Yes
87/64/90 (XS)
Hair colour
Eye colour
Yes / Yes
English, German, Swissgerman, Spanish
Flight attendant
Skiing, Impressionism, Cryptocurrency
Favourite drinks
Favourite cuisine
Italian, Mediterranean
Favourite flowers
Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel
What men appreciate the most in me
Vibrant, Creative, Fiery


2 hours
CHF 900
3 hours
CHF 1200
4 hours
CHF 1500
6 hours
CHF 1800
8 hours
CHF 2100
12 hours
CHF 2400
18 hours
CHF 2700
24 hours
CHF 3200
48 hours
CHF 4700
Additional Day
CHF 1600

Everything you'd want to know about me..


In the realm of refined companionship, Elena reigns supreme.

Embodying the essence of elegance and sophistication, this luxurious vixen is a vision of beauty that exudes timeless charm and poise. From the moment she graces you with her presence, you’ll be drawn into a world where sophistication and sensuality entwine.

With her academic prowess and educated character, Elena far exceeds ordinary beauty. Indulge in shared interests, revel in the allure of her captivating presence, and engage in thought-provoking discussions that excite both the senses and the mind. With a strong passion for the arts, literature, and music, Elena is also a wonderfully adaptable travel companion, skillfully navigating the worlds of culture and adapting to any social occasion.

Every moment spent with this exquisite beauty is a testament to refinement and sophistication. Intrigued? Book your rendezvous with Elena through Jade Escort, and embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary.


A few words about myself

“With my dark hair and exotic face, I may be perceived as a powerful femme fatale, which I can be at times, but fundamentally, I am an easy-going and joyful young woman who exudes positive energy. I enjoy making people laugh and can make you feel comfortable and important with my charm and charisma. I am an educated, cultured, open, and feminine lady, who has a love for life and pleasure. I possess an exceptional ability to master the expected behavior in high society. My knowledge of etiquette is impressive, and I always act with style and grace. It is an adventure to meet new people, and I can embrace both sides of myself, the elegant lady and the wild lover, equally. I have diverse hobbies and can relate to a wide variety of people. With my caring energy and comforting aura, I look forward to spoiling you and captivating you beyond your wildest dreams.” Kiss, Elena


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