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Place of Residence
Early 20s
Bra size / Natural
75D / Yes
95/68/90 (XS)
Hair colour
Dark brown
Eye colour
Yes / Yes
Meditating, social reform, playing the piano, painting, reading
Favourite drinks
Favourite cuisine
Favourite flowers
Orange Dahlia
Si by Giorgio Armani
Intelligence, Positivity, Empathy


2 hours
CHF 800
3 hours
CHF 1100
4 hours
CHF 1400
6 hours
CHF 1700
8 hours
CHF 2000
12 hours
CHF 2300
18 hours
CHF 2600
24 hours
CHF 3000
48 hours
CHF 4500
Additional Day
CHF 1400

Everything you'd want to know about me..


Bask in the alluring presence of Nathalie, whose beauty transcends the boundaries of mere words. 

With her captivating eyes and cascading locks of lustrous brown hair, this Swiss seductress is a vision of elegance and grace, making her the perfect companion for discerning connoisseurs.

Fluent in multiple languages and well-versed in the arts and culture, she is the embodiment of cultivated elegance. Engage in conversations that traverse the realms of literature, current affairs, and the intricacies of the human experience, as Nathalie effortlessly combines intellect and sensuality.

Whether you desire an enchanting evening of romance or a carefree escapade through the city, Nathalie's charm and charisma will enchant you from the very first moment. From high-profile events to intimate soirees, her presence adds a touch of splendor to every occasion, and she cannot wait to see what you have in store for her. 

With her impeccable style, refined taste, and adventurous spirit, Nathalie stands as an emblem of grace and sophistication. Get in touch with this Swiss beauty today, and allow her to guide you through a world of true bliss.


A few words about myself

"Hi love, my name is Nathalie (nah-tah-lee-ah), and despite my young look, I can bet you have never met an old soul like me. I love to swoon to the classical sounds of opera, whether it is Verdi or Mozart. These classic styles of music, among others like jazz, soul, blues, and Latin, deeply move me emotionally and physically. Not only that, but almost every genre of music I love —rock, reggae, metal, disco, electronic, hip-hop, you name it— I love to dance no matter the occasion, as this is where I am my truest self. While my old soul may originate from my culture, it also stems from my background as a musician and dancer. I have been leisurely playing piano for over 10 years, but I used to play the trumpet and recorder, and I did various dance forms when I was younger. I am a very lively and passionate person about the interests dear to my heart. This is evident in my ambitions, politics, intimacy, philosophy, culture, art, and sensuality. Everything that makes me who I am is something I am proud of and would not wish to change in any way. I love to enrich my life with knowledge and to be constantly educated by others. One can never stop learning in life, and as long as I live, I hope to embody that. I live my life purposefully, as I am secure in my presence on this earth and the value I provide to others. This is particularly true with my sensual interests. I love to try new adventures, as life is too short to deny oneself of life’s beautiful pleasures. There is no one correct way to achieve intimacy other than by exploring the individuality of sensual exposure. I have yet to find someone who can truly match my kinky self. If you are that match, you will have me at the bottom of your feet in all of my delicious glory."


Experience with Nathalie
Thank you for organising this amazing duo date. They just left. Had a very good time. They are both very nice. Vivienne is very good, Nathalie is full of energy and passion. I will definitely book them again soon!
- L
Experience with Nathalie
Ich möchte mich bei Dir und Nathalie bedanken es war absolut mega mit ihr! Immer wieder gerne so aufgestellt und lieb! Dankeschön
- H
Experience with Nathalie
Danke nochmals! Nathalie ist absolut entzückend, super sexy, aber auch eine wirklich coole junge Lady und möchte sie definitiv wieder sehen, wenn ich Mitte des Monats wieder aus Wien zurück bin! Liebe Grüße P
- P
Experience with Nathalie
A great experience with Nathalie. You were absolutely correct. Thank you so much.
- S
Experience with Nathalie
Wow! Nathalie ist eine absolute Wucht! Ich hatte eine in jeder Hinsicht fantastische Zeit! Danke
- C

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