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Hair colour
Bra size / Natural
75C / Yes
168 cm
Eye colour
95/64/97 (S)
Early 20s
Eastern European
Place of Residence
English, German
Fashion designer
Fitness, sport and fashion
Favourite drinks
Wine & Cocktails
Favourite cuisine
Mediterranean, Italian
Favourite Flowers
Favourite scent
Baccarat Rouge by Maison Francis Kurkdjian
What men appreciate the most in me
I am natural and self-confident. In addition sensual, passionate, affectionate


1 hour
CHF 500
1.5 hours
CHF 650
2 hours
CHF 800
3 hours
CHF 1100
4 hours
CHF 1400
6 hours
CHF 1700
8 hours
CHF 2000
12 hours
CHF 2300
18 hours
CHF 2600
24 hours
CHF 3000
48 hours
CHF 4500
Additional Day
CHF 1400

Everything you’d want to know about me..

Valentina is the sort of model that is always up and ready to have a good time with her clients. Take her out to a fancy restaurant or to an atmospheric bar and you will see her truly shine. Valentina is a naturally charismatic individual that always wants to make her clients feel extremely special. In her company, you will always be her number one.

This stunning brunette escort is in her late 20s, making her one of our more experienced companions. She is an extremely attractive young woman with enhanced curves. Her perky 75C breasts are extremely soft and warm. They look fantastic when they are in a tight dress or sexy lingerie, as this allows her to be able to show off her tiny waist and voluptuous bum. Valentina is willing to show off her beautiful assets to any man looking to show her a good time, so you rest assured knowing that she'll be giving you her undivided attention.

Valentina is an extrovert that loves being able to get to know new people. Her favourite venues include clubs and fancy restaurants, as the atmosphere of these venues tends to help her relax. Valentina is extremely kind and warm-hearted, therefore if there is anything on your mind, feel free to share it with her. Interested? Book today online or over the phone on +41762503536.


Experience with Valentina
If any of you guys out there are like me and prefer someone a little more petite and sweet then Valentina is 100% the girl for you. She’s very pretty with a completely natural physique that I can’t get enough of. Trust me, just book her for an hour or two and won’t regret it! I sure didn’t ?
- Jacob

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