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How much can I earn as an escort? What kind of people book escorts? What requirements do I have to fulfil to work as an escort? What advantages does an escort agency have for me and what about security? Following you will find our answers to these and other questions.

Are you sexy, do you feel comfortable in your body, do you love to be desired and do you know how to use your charms? Are you charming, eloquent, but also good at listening, do you love to flirt, seduce and be seduced? Then you have very good prerequisites for perhaps the most interesting and lucrative part-time job in the world.

As an escort lady, a world full of adventure, excitement and luxury is waiting for you. You will accompany interesting people to extraordinary events, hot parties, awesome concerts, posh restaurants. You will stay in first-class hotels - in Switzerland, and if it’s an option for you worldwide as well. Read on, find out more about life as an escort, about our terms as an agency and if you like what you read, then simply contact us for an application!

So now, let’s get to the most frequently asked questions about what we, your escort agency Jade Agency, have to offer you.

Small FAQ

Is working as an escort a permanent appointment?

No! As an escort you are always self-employed. You will not find anything in our contracts that obliges in your work plan. You do not “work for” but you “cooperate with” an agency. You can end the cooperation at any time. More details about the advantages of being represented by an escort agency you will read later.

Which revenue can I achieve working as an escort?

The escort business gives you the potential to earn a lot of money. Of course, the more bookings you get and dates you accept, the higher will be your personal income. In general, as a high class escort agency, we can ask prices in the high end range from our customers. This means that newcomers start with us at 500 CHF for a date of 1 hour. This can then be increased to 700 CHF once you have gained a little experience and received positive feedback from clients. Just have a look at Rates & Booking, where you will find a list of all our fees. You receive 65% of all fees. The other 35% goes to the agency, so you benefit from our marketing by placing advertisements for you, presenting you with a sedcard on our website, organising the dates and offering you a framework with which you can safely and successfully pursue your activity as an escort. On top of that you get a free photo shoot so that your appearance with us leaves nothing to be desired.

With an activity as a High Class Escort you have the possibility to earn some 1000 CHF per month with a relatively small expenditure of time. You will be able to enjoy a lifestyle that many people can only dream of and it is only a part-time job. You will have more time for your studies, friends and hobbies. Having more time for your studies can also give you a better degree, which in turn can give you a life of financial independence later on.

Can I still increase my income?

Of course, distinguished performance should be rewarded in our profession as well as in others. You can use your charm and seductive skills to increase your income with us by earning a higher commission. Some clients are so enthusiastic about a particular escort model that they book her again and again, and this happens quite often. A lot depends on the chemistry between the client and the model, of course, but if it fits, it just happens. If a model is creative and has special seduction skills and gives the man an unforgettable night that he definitely wants to experience again, it should be worth it. Many generate their personal regular customers in this way, who then enquire their preferred escort several times a month. This being good for you and for us as well, we would like to reward this kind of service with a rise of your percentage to 70%.

What kind of men can you expect?

As a High Class Escort, in general you will meet people of rather high level in profession and status. Usually these are men in elevated positions, such as managers and entrepreneurs, this means that they can easily afford a high class escort service. From experience, our clients are often old school gentlemen with excellent manners, respectful and very educated. These gentlemen use the services of our agency to take a pleasant break from their demanding business life and to savor a rewarding adventure with a temporary lover. A noticeable amount of our customers are from other countries on a business trip. This means you should at least speak English, if possible even several languages.

What do I need to be successful as an escort model?

You have a pretty face and a great body? Your looks are 50% of your success as an escort, because attractiveness is not the only factor that determines your success. Here are some factors that make you a successful escort: A good general education and interest in current affairs, you don‘t have to know everything, but if you can have a say in current affairs it‘s an advantage. You should be able to express yourself well, be cultured and appear self-confident. As we have many clients from all over the world, you should be able to speak English at a level you can hold a conversation with. You should possess an open, spontaneous and adventurous personality and a positive attitude toward life. You should enjoy being indulged, as well as be happy to fulfil the wishes of your counterpart. You don‘t always have to sit on packed suitcases, but you should bring along a certain desire to travel, as many clients like to have their desired escort model flown in. You may find clients who also like to disburden their heart to their temporary mistress, and reveal things out of their private and business life that could literally get them into hot water. The age of an escort lady doesn‘t really matter, there are escorts who are older than 40, even older than 50. However, we at Jade Escort usually only represent ladies between 18 and 35.

Here once more and in headwords what we expect from you:

Why work with Jade Escort?

Jade Escort is under female corporate management, we communicate on cordial terms and characterised by trust. Since we are a high class escort agency, our prices are in the high end range as well. This in turn generates a clientele from well-established circles. We reinvest a large amount of our revenues in internet advertising. This ensures sufficient demand and bookings for the escorts we collaborate with, meaning it's for the benefit of all of us. As for the photo shootings we rely upon an experienced professional photographer. This provides a high quality overall impression on our website, your sedcard and also in further external advertising. The photo shoot is free of charge for you, we'll take care of it.

What are the proceedings for the application process?

Simply fill out our online application form, upload a few recent pictures of your face and body and click send. A member of staff will then get back to you as soon as possible. This will be followed up by a personal or online meeting where we can get to know each other better, and where you will receive all necessary information you need for yourself. When we mutually agree to be a good match, we'll move on to the next step. This next step will already be the appointment with the photographer. The photos will thereafter be professionally edited and retouched. As soon as we'll have the photos available, we'll generate your sedcard, along with the information you have given us in a questionnaire about yourself. We'll also author a profile text for your sedcard, so that the gentlemen can learn some fundamentals about your character and nature. Once this is done, your sedcard goes online and the gentlemen can make booking requests. It usually takes about 2 weeks from the application until a sedcard is complete.

At which locations do the dates take place?

In most cases your dates will take place in the Zurich area. But you will also be on assignment throughout Switzerland and, if you wish so, in other European countries and worldwide. As a travel companion you can be taken to the most beautiful places in the world.

What are the proceedings for an escort date?

Whenever two individuals meet, unpredictable dynamics arise, this is how it is in normal life, on normal dates and this is also how it is on an escort date, it does not follow a fixed pattern. Every meeting is a unique event, not only that every person is different, but also the places for your dates are quite variable. Sometimes it is in a hotel, sometimes in a café or in a bar, eventually in Switzerland or in a foreign city in another country. The first moments of a rendezvous, perhaps over a glass of wine and a stimulating conversation, lay the foundation for a successful date where you later find yourself in the hotel room for an erotic liaison. It is important that the chemistry between client and escort is right, this guarantees that both can leave satisfied after their time together. A successful escort lady has a versatile personality and the ability to adjust to almost any person, coupled with a healthy curiosity and empathy, nothing stands in the way of a special time.

What if it is not the right match?

It's not often, but it can happen that already at the beginning of a date a client gets the feeling to have made the wrong choice. Or maybe you yourself get the impression that you just can‘t warm to the person. In both cases it is of course possible to break off the date at this stage.

When the vibes are not right there is nothing you can do. If this should happen, you need to stay friendly and open about the fact that it is better to end the date amicably.

What are the good reasons why you should cooperate with Jade Escort?

Our working atmosphere is characterised by friendliness, fairness and loyalty. This is by experience the perfect way to create a successful cooperation. Our support warrants the perfect start into your adventure as an escort lady, from the very beginning.

We are always available for you and are always at your side with a personal contact person who supports you in all matters, so you can concentrate fully on your exciting adventures.

We cover all costs for your start as a high class escort, so for you there will be nothing to invest upfront.

If we have aroused your interest, we would be pleased if you contact us without obligation. Simply use our online casting form and we will contact you shortly afterwards. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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